Who's for Heucheras?

Remember the old days when 'Palace Purple' was about as good as it got? How times have changed. Thanks to some brilliant plant breeding in the USA and Europe we have a whole new palette of Heuchera colours to enjoy...and it's not just foliage. Heucheras have flowers; some just so-so but many have fantastic, confections of starry flowers on stiff spikes that are loved by bees and flower arrangers.

It is in late Summer and Autumn that Heucheras (and their kin the Heucherellas) really show their worth, they love the cool moist conditions and keep growing well into early Winter. The fresh growth is often a different colour to the mature 'feeling the chill' foliage from Summer, all leading to a kaleidoscope of planty pigments.

Use Heucheras in borders, patio pots and hanging baskets but remember that the darker purples, greens and reds are most tolerant of full sun whereas the lime greens tend to scorch and prefer to be away from the strongest sunshine. When freshly planted be sure to keep them watered but they root quickly and can soon be weaned off the watering can.

At Plants for trade we have a great selection of Heucheras, just £4.10 each +VAT for 2 litre pot size.

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